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Ramps - Functional and simple:
When we in SkovTrup first saw this clever product we decided that we would take into range. Roll-a-Ramp is an innovative and very useful system to run ramps that can be rolled out as needed. Its simple construction, low weight and high load-bearing capacity has improved access opportunities for a wide range of users around the world - and now we have them here in Denmark.

Awards and honors:
Ramp Product Roll-a-Ramp has been winning the "Best New Product" three times at the world's largest exhibitions for movement disabled people by including (MedTrade) in New Orleans 2002 and Las Vegas 2003 and (NAIDEX) in England 2003.

The portable Drive Ramps are proven and safe and therefore gives the manufacturer all the way up to 10 year guarantee on breakage - provided the product is used according to the instruction manual.

Types of ramps:
Four widths 31/66/76 / 91cm - lengths can be expanded as needed.

The ramp can be used advantageously in both height differences and uneven obstacles.

Can be rolled up after use - length adapted to the task!
Edge safety against derailment - low weight per ramp!

Railing for mounting on the sides of the ramps to ensure ramp user.

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Oksana Christensen
Tlf. +45 98 54 87 67

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